Onyx Table/ Lamps/ Vases

When I saw the slab of Onyx for the first time at marble factory, I realized that I know this material from somewhere. 
After that, I saw the onyx table when I visited my friend's house. Moms do not know how it reflect its beauty through a strong light.

Onyx table from my friend's house 

You used to see Onyx as counter top at luxurious bars???
Lets look at turkish style!  My mom also loves it although it is too heavy to carry to somewhere else at home.

Good idea haa? Onyx tealight

They are onyx vases. Instead of light, you must put the flowers in but of course, the onyx can not be gorgeous with flowers as you imagine with the light. Anyway, it is old and ongoing tradition. 

Kubra Cakar

Medusa in Myth and Marble Statues

"The stories of Medusa are often contradictory. Was she a victim or a villian? Was she always ugly or once beautiful? How did someone with the body of a dragon and a head of snakes become known as the 'guardian or protectress' Just what was her role in the early Greek myths?"

Medusa Marble Statue @Side Museum, Turkiye

Basilica Cistern @Istanbul, Turkiye

The Basilica Cistern/ Yerebatan Sarnici is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul, Turkiye. The cistern, located 500 feet soutwest of the Hagia Sophia on the historical peninsula of Sarayburnu, was built in the 6th century during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian.
The cistern provided a water filtration system for the Great Palace of Constantinople and other buildings on the First Hill, and continued to provide water to the Topkapi Palace after the Ottoman conquest in 1453 and into modern times.

Located in the northwest corner of the cistern, the bases of two columns reuse blocks carved with the visage of Medusa. The origin of the two heads is unknown, though it is thought that the heads were brought to the cistern after being removed from a building of the late Roman period.
From; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilica_Cistern

For 3D view; http://www.3dmekanlar.com/tr/yerebatan-sarnici.html

Marble Column with the visage of Medusa @Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

Marble Column with the visage of Medusa @Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

Marble Column with the visage of Medusa @Basilica Cistern, Istanbul 

Medusa by Caravaggio (1573-1610)
The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

VIK MUNIZ, Medusa, after Caravaggio (from Pictures of Junk), 2009, Digital C-Print, 88" X 71"

Kubra Cakar @Istanbul
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Hammam/ Spa - Turkish Workshop

Turkiye is very popular with their Hammam. When you look them, you may realize that they looks like each others but in the recent years, the hammams are also decorated with luxurious mosaics and "cini tiles".

Of course, for the Hammams, the most popular marble is 'Marmara'. Its white&gray veiny looking makes me remind the animal of 'zebra'. 
The Hammam producers are good at using this kind of marble as 'bookmatch'. It gives you an impression of infinity. The nature is so generous to show its different faces to us.

There are producers in Turkiye who work specifically for the production of Hammam materials. I found many types of Hammam when I just google as "hammam mermer/ hammam marble". 
When your skin is getting softer with hot water, you can look at your around. Your skin and your soul must be getting softer in the same time when you see the combination of different kinds of marble with mosaic tiles. 

Here are below some pictures;

The Hammam with "Cini tile"
The Hammam with Cini Tile is one of the oldest and precious one in Turkiye. It was constructed in the century of 16th. It was damaged with 2 fires in different times. Now it still keeps its ambiance and you know very well that it is very strong building to still stand up. 

The Hammam with "Cini tile" 

The Hammam with "Cini tile" 

Hammam of Acar Kent Villas

Hammam of Acar Kent Villas

To see luxurious new design Hammam, please look at pics below;

Hammam decorated with highligted mosaics
Kubra Cakar @Istanbul


Split Face Mosaic/ my favourite

If you do not like to see joint between the chips of mosaic, I recommend you to use 'split face mosaic' for indoor&outdoor applications. You do not need to use joint to stick the cips down.

It  looks very good and modern. 
Besides, this type of production is very ecological. The manufacturers use vestige to cut them in small chips. So you may find very competitive unit prices to promote in your own market. 

Here are some places where you can apply 'split face mosaic' with grand pleasure;

Mesh mounted tiles in different colors

Chips in different thickness will make you feel about the gap

Looking better than the scene that you imagine ..??

Chips are looking like falling down from the sky, do not they look like as snow flake?
Black&Night, White&Light

It will make you hot! 

Outdoor installation, wall cladding

Kubra Cakar @Istanbul
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Mosaic is an art

Mosaic is an art and you must know how to use mosaic in different places for keeping whole attention on you. The architecture is appreciated with simple but gorgeous creative designs.

Be simple but never think to be forgettable!

3D Bamboo Travertine mosaic

Onyx Bamboo Mosaic

How to be 'hand made'

Kubra Cakar @Istanbul
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Follow up the fairs in natural stone sector

Here is the list of fairs held all over the world;

CHINA - Xiamen International Stone Fair

TURKEY Izmir - Marble
2013/ 27-30 March

ITALY Verona - Marmomacc International Trade Fair for Stone Design and Technology
2012/ 26-29 September

TURKEY Istanbul - Natural Stone CNR
2012/ 18-21 October

2012/ 18-21 June

INDIA - Stone Mart
2012/ 1-4 February 

GREECE SALONICA Thessaloniki - MarminStone 
2012/ 16-19 February

UKRAINE - Techno+Stone 

BRASIL - Vitoria Stone Fair 

UK London - The Surface Design Show

UK London - Eco Build 

BRASIL Sao Paolo - Revestir

KENYA Nairobi - Buildint

CHINA Beijing - StoneTech International Stone Processing Machinery, Equipment and Products Exhibition
2013/ 18-21 April



USA  Florida - Coverings Orlando 

SPAIN Feria de Madrid - Piedra

TANZANIA - Expo Madagascar Antananarivo

ITALY Carrara - Carrara Marmotec 

EGYPT Giza - Inter Build C.I.C.C.

RUSSIA Moscow - Expostone All-Russian Exh. Centre Moscow
2012/ 19-22 June

AUSTRALIA Melbourne - DesignBUILD

IRAN Tehran - IranConMin Tehran Permanent Fairground

CHINA Qingdao - International Stone Exhibition 
2012/ 16-19 July

PAKISTAN Karachi - Stonefair Asia 

JORDAN Amman - JordanBuild

FINLAND Helsinki - FinnBUILD 

TURKEY Antalya - Baucon Yapex
2012/ 18-21 October


For more information about building shows, pls check this link; http://www.buildingshows.com/

Kubra Cakar 
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Well Done! That's the 1st step!

Let's start work!

Wish myself 'good luck' to be inspired by the 'nature' and to write interesting articles. In that case, I believe I can be happy to be here and to continue on writing. Of course, the good articles may ensure interested people and they make this blog survived.


Kubra Cakar 
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