Onyx Table/ Lamps/ Vases

When I saw the slab of Onyx for the first time at marble factory, I realized that I know this material from somewhere. 
After that, I saw the onyx table when I visited my friend's house. Moms do not know how it reflect its beauty through a strong light.

Onyx table from my friend's house 

You used to see Onyx as counter top at luxurious bars???
Lets look at turkish style!  My mom also loves it although it is too heavy to carry to somewhere else at home.

Good idea haa? Onyx tealight

They are onyx vases. Instead of light, you must put the flowers in but of course, the onyx can not be gorgeous with flowers as you imagine with the light. Anyway, it is old and ongoing tradition. 

Kubra Cakar
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