Split Face Mosaic/ my favourite

If you do not like to see joint between the chips of mosaic, I recommend you to use 'split face mosaic' for indoor&outdoor applications. You do not need to use joint to stick the cips down.

It  looks very good and modern. 
Besides, this type of production is very ecological. The manufacturers use vestige to cut them in small chips. So you may find very competitive unit prices to promote in your own market. 

Here are some places where you can apply 'split face mosaic' with grand pleasure;

Mesh mounted tiles in different colors

Chips in different thickness will make you feel about the gap

Looking better than the scene that you imagine ..??

Chips are looking like falling down from the sky, do not they look like as snow flake?
Black&Night, White&Light

It will make you hot! 

Outdoor installation, wall cladding

Kubra Cakar @Istanbul
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