Adorable Marble from Turkiye; Rosso Levanto Marble

This is one of the first marble which had been exported from Turkey to abroad; Rosso Levanto, its local name is Elazig Visne. The name of Elazig Visne represent its characteristic meaningfully. It is extracted from the city of Elazig, one of city from East side of Turkey and its color absolutely remind us 'cherry' and for sure the meaning of Visne is cherry in turkish. 

Rosso Levanto quarry
May you see this marble all over the world, sometimes using at the floor of an exhibition center, at the floor of luxurious hotel or may it covers indoor walls of some building.  

Let's check out the pictures of Rosso Levanto slabs. Pics will give you an impression about its general character.

Rosso Levanto Gagn Saw Slab

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