Tripoli International Congress Center 2010

Tripoli Congress Center, Libya by Tabanlioglu Architects

Client : Organisation for Development of Administrative Centers
Place : Tripoli-Libya
Construction Area : 23.000 m2
The center was built on an area of 51.500 square meters; 26.500 square meters of building area; 33.600 square meters of green area; 2.400 square meters of utility center.

Tripoli Congress Center a wooden and perforated metalic façade in Tripoli, Libya

 Make inner shadows by wood sunbreakers
One of the major exclusive press facilities of this structure is the worlds second largest media owners of mesh screen.
The second privilage and uniqueness of this structure is the using of architectural facades and cladding systems for the first time in the world. This application is used as a decorative chill side applications covering approximately 9000 square meters of mesh cladding.
Another new way of construction used on the other facade is the suspensionally hanged 14
meters height glass column cladding.

According to the latest design technology used in this convention center structure is the installation of sound and lighting systems along with the facility of controlling them from one screen. This system (MPDP) is one of the biggest screens used in similar convention centers of the world.
This is the first modern unique convention center structure built in Libya which is applied on a new system of steel constructional bases.

The largest area of this building which is 3476 square meters is the main convention hall with 56 meters sheared beams, with a total weight of steel used in this construction is about 6250 tons.
The underground construction of Energy Water Heating Cooling is contolled from the utility center although it has its own substation controll center buiding.

The center building is designed to withstand first degree earthquakes.
The modern LED lighting systems used in various parts of the building are aprox 21 kilometers long.
Specially designed decorative lighting units are used to fit the convention centers building`s infrastructure.
The decorative lighting units used in this building are 45.5 tons as weight and 10.000 pcs. as number.
With the experience and laborship of system construct company the Tripoli Convention Center Building has been delivered and ready to be used on the 15.02.2010.


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