Onyx Shining!

Honey Onyx Wall Covering
Onyx is a natural stone that is making its presence felt in the luxury design area. It is a stone that is rarely found and it is becoming renowed for its exreme elegance and vividness.

White Onyx Vanity top
Via Interior Designer Patricia Gray

The most inspiring feature about onyx is that it is translucent and this property of Onyx has made it even more popular. The stone can now be used as tainted glass for interior designing. It also includes natural colors and variety of patterns.

Hearth of Onyx, Bookmatch slabs
Onyx features in clean white, brown and pink colors. The colors of honey and bright white are used very often nowadays.

Pink Onyx
Bookmatch start up from the production

Onyx from Turkish quarry

Onyx Blocks from quarry side

White Onyx

Kubra Cakar
From Istanbul Turkey
kiara.kubra@gmail.com I kubracakar@aol.com
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